Hello Wonderful Woman!

Welcome to a place where you are free to be who you really are.
I’m Mary Lou Roe – founder of The Wonderful Women’s Club. And I believe that beneath all the things you think you should be is the wonderful woman you are.

Do you smile and nod and pretend everything is perfect in your life? Do you silence your voice, hide your imperfections, and downplay your abilities and achievements?

So that others are comfortable with who you are? So that you feel accepted and have a place where you belong?

I’ve been there.

I spent a lifetime pouring all of my energy into being the person that others expected me to be. I was always on my best behaviour, meeting the needs of others, ignoring bad behaviour and putting myself last. I was constantly basing my personal value on the opinions of those around me.

Everything looked ideal on the outside. But on the inside – I felt like I was drowning.

Until one day – when I felt I was expected to remain silent – I experienced an instant shift in my perception. I suddenly realized that I was allowing other people to dictate who they wanted me to be. I was compromising who I was in order to belong. And that had to change, immediately.

So, I drew on the wonderful woman I knew myself to be, deep inside – and I broke my silence. I spoke up. I used MY voice and told MY truth.

And I finally felt like I could breathe.

From that moment on I was determined to create a wonderful life where I belonged with the people and places that were good for me.

Honour your wisdom

The first thing I did was get clear about who I was beneath all the things I thought I had to be. I thought about myself and all that I have been through and determined that I was loyal, honest, confident and smart. And throughout a lifetime of trauma, drama, successes and failures, I had learned key life lessons from each experience. Truly, I realized that I already have all the wisdom, creativity and ability to live life on my own terms.
And so do you.

Share the journey

The second step was getting clearer on who I wanted to share my life with. To remain confident and positive about who I truly am, I had to filter out the negative, draining and demanding people in my life. With that negativity cleared away, I realized I was actually surrounded by some pretty amazing women. Women who accepted me for who I was, no matter what mistakes I’d made or where I’d come from. They loved me for me. That’s when I knew where I belonged – in community with wonderful women.
You belong here too.

Be who you really are

Honouring my own wisdom, surrounded by wonderful women, I began to be who I really was. I began to live life on my own terms. There were struggles, realizations, beginnings and endings. And every moment was worth it, even the tough ones. Because now I have a wonderful life.

You can too.

You are a Wonderful Woman

I can help you discover how to connect to your authentic self – your inner Wonderful Woman. Once you understand who you really are and choose to live authentically, you can form genuine connections with others and really live.
Join me, and a vibrant community of wonderful women as we share our personal stories, insights and experiences that remind us all of how wonderful we really are.

Get connected through The Wonderful Women’s Club newsletter, my blog, Facebook and Pinterest. Or join us at a local gathering where you will connect with other wonderful women.

This is a journey you can share. You don’t have to do it alone. You can be part of a group that truly gets it.

There is a whole community waiting for you. Join us, today!
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My Background:

  • 2014 – Current / Writer, Speaker, and Wonderful Woman Ambassador, Enthusiast and Champion
  • 2014 / Owner, Wonderful Women Inc.
  • 2008 / Founder, The Wonderful Women’s Club
  • 2008 / Women’s Studies Diploma, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON
  • 2007 – Current / Freelance Writer